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2019 Instructors

Monique Mullis

I am a State Park Ranger by day and an avid, self-taught needle-felter by night. I started needle-felting about five years ago and quickly learned what a fun, inexpensive and addicting hobby it can be. I do most of my felting for a hobby business I share with my sister. We call it "The Felted Dog" and have been selling felted wool items for the past four years. I make some 3-D felted items from "scratch" but have figured out a few techniques that make it easy for a beginner to make a unique and impressive ornament on the first try.

Linda Borof

About Linda: "I began my knitting career at age 8 when I taught myself to knit.  I created novice pieces -holey doll blankets, etc.  In high school I became more serious, knitting socks.  I perfected my skills by trial and error.  It wasn't until I owned two knitting shops that I became a perfectionist and took my passion to a higher level.  I owned a shop in Oakland, California for  21 years and during 10 of those years another shop in San Francisco.  Over the years I have written a zillion patterns and taught many classes."

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